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How often do I have to wear a waist trainer before seeing results?
This all depends on how often and long you wear your waist trainer for. If you have a healthy lifestyle whilst using the waist trainer you will see results quicker.
How do I know if my waist trainer fits properly?
To get the most from your waist trainer it must fit you correctly. We find that by measuring one inch above your belly button you will get your natural waist size. Use our size guide here ….. to find your perfect size.
When should I go down a size in my waist trainer?
You will know when to go down a size in your waist trainer if you are down to the tightest fit and you no longer feel the support and compression's you were feeling when you first had it. If you are thinking about going down a size you should be able to see a visible difference in your figure and the clinchers are not as tight. Do not rush the process of going down a size as a waist trainer too tight will not fit comfortably.
Can you swim in a waist trainer?
No, it is advised to take your waist trainer off before swimming. It should not get wet and only be hand washed with unfragranced detergent.
How long should I wear my waist trainer for?
Depending on your circumstances and how comfortable you find the waist trainer, we do advise that you can wear it on a daily basis. To see the best results we recommend wearing it for around 8 hours a day.
Does the waist trainer reduce appetite?
Yes the waist trainer can reduce your appetite at meal times. We advise eating healthy and exercising as well as using your waist trainer will give you the best, healthiest results. 
Can I eat while wearing my waist trainer?
Yes you can eat while wearing your waist trainer. One of the benefits of wearing it is the compressions which help your appetite to decrease meaning you are generally fuller on smaller meals.
Can you wear a waist trainer after having a baby?
Yes but it may be best to start or by wearing a post natal trainer. Always speak to your midwife/doctor and wait the appropriate time before wearing it.