Waist Trainer Care Guide

Waist trainers are so beneficial in so many ways. We have put together the following care guide so you can help keep your waist trainer up to the highest standard possible.

Firstly its very important to know, your waist trainer is hand wash only. If put in a washing machine/tumble dryer it will lose its shape and will not be able to serve its purpose.

We recommend that you hand wash your garment by soaking it in warm water and unfragranced washing detergent.

Avoid hot water and never use a sponge/scrub as this will only damage your delicate item.

By following these cleaning guides this you will not only clean your waist trainer but you will also allow it to do its job by fitting perfectly after its been cleaned.

Secondly, we do believe that to maintain its full elasticity your waist trainer needs a chance to rest in between wears.
We’ve found that by purchasing two waist trainers you can alternate, therefore giving your waist trainer a chance to shrink back to its original size in between wears.
Remember, the less stretched your waist trainer is – the firmer your stomach will be.


Hand Wash Only By 

Soaking In Warm Water

No Heat to be Applied 
When Drying

Use Unfragranced Detergent
When Cleaning

Alternate Between Two
Waist Trainers

We hope this information helps and we wish you all the best in your waist training journey.