What is a waist trainer?

A waist trainer is a latex garment worn around your stomach everyday or when training. There are many benefits from wearing a waist trainer. Firstly, the desired hourglass shape that everyone dreams of can be created by wearing a waist trainer. It helps to tone your stomach and pull you in tighter at the waist. It is completely safe and you work at your own pace, usually starting by wearing for 2-4 hours a day then once you are more comfortable you can wear throughout the day. When you are ready you can move the hooks down to a smaller size pulling it in tighter.

Waist trainers can also be worn for support and medical reasons. They improve your posture while standing and sitting so are easy and convenient to wear everyday. This can not only make you feel more confident but actually relieve you of back pain.

Postpartum waist training has been proven to help speed up the tightening of a woman’s abs once she has had a baby. Not only this but it will help her get back to her desired waist size faster. We do recommend speaking to a midwife/doctor before starting postpartum waist training.