Which Waist Trainer Should You Choose?

Everyday Waist Trainer

Perfect for beginners!

The everyday waist trainer is the perfect product to start your waist training journey.

With its breathable holes and flexible spiral boned structure it makes it simple to go about your everyday business in maximum comfort.

It is so discreet it can be worn under clothes.

Compression Intensity – 7/10

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Breathable Latex Waist Trainer

This high compression waist trainer instantly smooths and shapes your figure.

If you are looking for a slightly more intense waist trainer journey this is the one for you.

With nine flexible spiral steel bones it offers extra support which can help with posture and back pain as well as giving you the hour glass figure you desire.

Compression Intensity – 8/10

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Latex Waist Trainer

The Latex Waist Trainer is perfect for you if you have previously tried waist training and would like a more intense waist trainer.

It is more restricting and offers more support for posture.

Compression Intensity – 9/10

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Super Strength Latex Waist Trainer

This super high compression waist trainer instantly smooths your stomach.

As this is a much more intense waist trainer it shouldn’t be worn for long lengths as time like the everyday waist trainer, it gives you maximum results with minimal effort.

The extra support is great for tension in backs.

Compression Intensity – 10/10

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Tank Top Waist Trainer

The tank top waist trainer can be worn everyday – it is perfect for slimming your waist and helps with posture and back tension.

The handy adjustable straps keep it in place and can
be worn discreetly under clothes.

Compression Intensity – 7/10

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Workout Fitness Belt

This workout fitness belt is perfect for you if you want to intensify your workout.

The neoprene material increases perspiration meaning you lose weight faster.

It also protects and prevents injury helping you to push yourself further while keeping safe.

Compression Intensity – 7.5/10

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