How to use your waist trainer

We want you to get the most from your waist training experience so here is a guide to help you use it safely and efficiently. Firstly, it is so important to get your size right when purchasing your waist trainer. With the right size you will be able to reach your potential goal while getting all the benefits you wish for from your trainer, however with a poor fitting waist trainer you will feel uncomfortable and won’t benefit properly from it. Check out our size guide here to help you find the perfect size for you

We recommend starting off slowly with your waist trainer. It is important to let your body get used to being restricted and we want you to be as comfortable as possible. Everyone is different but we find a period of 2-4 hours max to begin with works best for most customers.

Once your body has adapted to the waist trainer and you are feeling more comfortable you can up the hours in which you wear your garment. The goal is to be able to wear it for an entire but make sure you are comfortable before this. We want your experience to be enjoyable. When you have reached your goal of wearing your waist trainer all day you may tighten the clasps which will help you to lose even more weight.

You should always wear your waist trainer/corset with a liner in between it and your skin. This will help to maintain the quality of it and will stop it becoming damaged from natural body sweat. This will also help it stay fresh and clean meaning you won’t have to hand wash it as frequently.

We strongly recommend eating correctly and exercising along with wearing your waist trainer to see maximum results.

We offer a wide range of different shapes and fittings in our waist trainers. We understand that there are many different body types out there and we believe we have a option for everyone. Different styles suit different body types and we have the perfect one for you. We believe that a little goes a long way here and waist training is not a process to be rushed. You will gain more from your waist training journey by taking it slow and taking care of your body/the product as you go. If you live a healthy lifestyle along with your waist training you will see the most amazing results and the process will be a lot more substantial.